Rotary Cutters, Mats & Rulers

Rotary Cutters, Mats & Rulers

Sewing and quilting is a great outlet for showing off your original style – and we’ve got the tools you need to help you do just that.

Cut multiple layers of fabric, straight lines and curves with versatile rotary cutters that feature ergonomic handles, titanium-enhanced blades and more. Use one of our durable quilting rulers as a straight edge – as well as for accurate measurements. And don’t forget to protect your work surface by doing it all on top of one of our self-healing cutting mats. Together, these three tools can help make fabric cutting an easier and more enjoyable part of the creating process.

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What Are Rotary Cutters, Mats & Rulers Used For?

Whether you choose to use scissors or rotary cutters to cut your fabric often comes down to a personal preference. However, it is widely believed that rotary cutters are better for cutting long, straight lines typically needed for quilting strips, pillows and curtains, as well as long hems and seams. Rotary cutters are also ideal for smooth cuts through multiple layers of fabric, and can be quicker and more ergonomic, for some, to use.

Various blade sizes can help you navigate through everything from intricate patterns to thick fabric and batting. Choose from a curved, comfort loop handle design for natural comfort and control – or a classic stick style – as well as convenient, ergonomic features such as grip-enhancing Softgrip® touchpoints, self-retracting blades, and magnetic blade systems for quick rotary blade replacement.

Rotary cutters provide unbeatable cutting versatility and are best used in tandem with a cutting mat and a ruler. Cutting mats are placed under the fabric to avoid damaging your work surface, while quilting rulers can help you cut straight, as well as provide precise measurements. High-quality, self-healing cutting mats last longer than other mat surfaces, while our clear, acrylic rulers come with easy-to-read markings for accurate measurements.