Rotary Cutters, Mats & Rulers

Rotary Cutters, Mats & Rulers

  Immerse yourself in wild creativity and fully enjoy every moment with the next generation of Fiskars rotary
cutters, engineered to include everything you love about our original rotary cutters… and so much more.

For increased safety, innovative EasyChange™ models allow you to replace worn blades with new rotary
blades without ever touching either blade. Or choose the revolutionary DuoLoop Rotary Cutter to alternate
between a 45 mm blade, when cutting thinner materials or multiple layers, and a 60 mm blade, for cutting
thick materials, to always have the optimal tool when bringing your vision to life. Other features like SoftGrip™
handles, safety locks, optimal blade exposure and more ensure these rotary cutters exceed expectations  

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Picking a Punch

Rotary Selection Guide

Learn how to choose the right tool for your project, materials and more.

Cutting Mat

Protect work surfaces, and help keep blades sharp, with long-lasting cutting mats.

Sewing Rulers

Make accurate cuts easily with clear sewing rulers, in sizes and shapes for every project.


Make sure your sewing kit is stocked with the world’s best fabric scissors.

Replacement Blades

Keep your rotaries working like new with sharp, durable replacement blades.

What Are Rotary Cutters, Mats & Rulers Used For?

Whether you choose to use fabric scissors or rotary cutters when working on a sewing or fabric project often comes down to personal preference. It’s widely believed that the best fabric rotary cutters are superior when cutting long, straight lines typically needed for quilting strips, pillows and curtains, as well as long hems and seams. Rotary cutters also make smooth cuts through multiple layers of fabric, and can be quicker and more ergonomic for some to use.

Fiskars rotary cutters feature a variety of blade sizes, to help you excel at cutting everything from intricate details to multiple layers to thick fabrics and even batting. Handle designs come down to a matter of personal preference, and Fiskars offers straight rotary cutters, loop handle rotary cutter and trigger style rotary cutters so that you can create comfortably.

In addition to comfortable, easy-to-use rotary cutters, choose a rotary mat to protect your work surface and sewing rulers to easily and accurately measure. Fiskars cutting mats feature self-healing surfaces, clear measurement grids, bias lines for angle cutting, and specialty functions like the rotating cutting mat. Rulers are long-lasting and shatter-proof, with light and dark measurements for working with materials of any color.