Grass Shears

Not every blade of grass is meant to be individually cut. But with the right grass clippers, the perfectionist in you may think otherwise.

Our compact grass shears make precise, straight snips for easy edging and trimming around borders, obstacles, flower beds, trees and sidewalks. Lightweight, with non-slip handles and easy-open locks, these versatile, adjustable tools are a must-have for any manicured lawn.

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What Are Grass Shears Used For?

Grass clippers are ideal for edging and trimming decorative grasses around flower beds, trees and sidewalks. Featuring fully hardened, precision-ground, steel blades that stay sharp and cut all the way to the tip, our versatile grass shears come with a variety of added features to help make it easy to get that perfectly manicured look.

Our Power-Lever® Grass Shears feature a technology that multiplies leverage for up to 2x more cutting power than traditional grass shears, while a serrated blade grips and holds grass up for precise, clean cuts. Grass clippers featuring Shear Ease® technology won’t jam or stick, resulting in smooth, clean cuts every time. Long-handled grass clippers feature a long shaft that eliminates sore knees and back aches from kneeling and bending, while a swivel feature on some of our grass shears have blades that rotate 180-360 degrees for comfortable, precise cuts, even at awkward angles.