Utility Knives & Blades

Utility Knives & Blades

Welcome to the knife you’d make if you weren’t busy making other things.

Sharper, smarter and more durable than other utility knives and blades, Fiskars® Pro utility knives feature CarbonMax™ blades that stay sharp 24x longer than the competition, allowing you to get more done using fewer utility blades.

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Fiskars® Pro Utility Knives

Not only do our utility blades last longer than the competition, our pro utility knives provide the best blade security in the industry.

The IsoCore™ Advantage

Industry’s Best Blade

CarbonMax™ blades feature a unique, carbon-bonding process that allows them to stay sharp 24x longer than standard utility blades.

What are Utility Knives & Blades Used for?

Utility knives are invaluable for versatile tasks such as trimming wallpaper, hanging wallboard, or cutting cardboard, plastic sheets, ceiling tiles and more. With the input of pros who rely on them every day, we created tougher, sharper, more comfortable pro knives and utility blades, fully guaranteed to get the job done.

What kind of utility knife you need is entirely based on preference. Fixed Utility Knives have a folding blade guard that deploys with the push of a button, for convenient, easy protection. A Folding Utility Knife, on the other hand, features a dual-locking system that prevents accidental blade release, and can be opened easily with one hand, thanks to a flip-open design. Side blade actuation helps the Retractable Utility Knife prevent accidental blade retraction in the middle of a job for superior blade security. Snap-off Utility Knives offer convenient, front-loading blade change with no loose parts, while an integrated segment snapper easily snaps old blades and captures them, for quicker, easier, safer blade changes. Two specialty utility knives round out our collection: the Drywaller’s Utility Knife, a 2-in-1 tool with both a standard blade and jab saw, is ideal for punching through drywall for electrical boxes and more. The Painter’s Utility Knife includes a screwdriver end that functions as a 5-gallon paint bucket opener for opening stubborn paint bucket lids and fastening outlet covers.