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Craft Knives & Blades

Craft Knives & Blades

Confidently take on new projects with precision cutting tools that feel like a natural extension of your hand.

Designed to let you make controlled, precise cuts without straining, slipping or ripping your material, Fiskars craft knives are loaded with smart features such as easy blade changes, sculpted handles, rotating blades and more. Our craft knife blades also feature premium steel for razor-sharp edges, as well as the ability to cut through a range of materials, from lighter-duty paper and fabric to heavier-duty materials like canvas and soft woods.

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Delight in Every Detail

Delight in Every Detail

Find the ideal detail knife for all your materials and projects.

What Are Craft Knives & Blades Used For?

Simply put, knives allow you to cut with more dexterity and control than you would get with scissors or a paper trimmer. Fiskars craft knives and blades offer even more features that allow for quicker, easier, more precise cuts on all your craft projects. 

With blades that rotate a full 360 degrees, our swivel detail craft knives allow you to swoop, squiggle and curve, for flawless circles and intricate curves, while ergonomic, Softgrip® handles on all our craft knives are contoured to your hand’s natural grip for added comfort and control. 

Easy Change Detail Knives make it easy to flip, switch and create, with a quick-release blade change lock that makes switching between blades easy. For quick cuts on more complex DIY projects, our Snap-off Utility Knives feature an auto-loading blade chamber and multiple, razor-sharp, snap-off edges in one single blade, for a sturdy, convenient cutting tool that goes the distance.

Our versatile, premium steel blades cut easily through a range of different materials including paper, cardstock, thin plastic, photos and canvas. For tougher cutting tasks, our heavy-duty detail knives feature heftier handles and blades for effortless cuts through matte board, foam core, plastic, cardboard, wood and more.