Cutting branches with a lopper


Step up and power through branches up to two inches thick with tree loppers designed with special features just right for the way you like to work.

Using lopping shears to regularly prune dead, dying or diseased branches, branch stubs, or branches that rub together will open up the canopy to let light and air filter throughout the entire tree, allowing it to reach its full potential and live a long, healthy life. To help you reach and power through thick branches, Fiskars loppers feature a range of technologies to maximize your cutting power, as well as other innovative features designed to enhance overall lopper performance and ergonomics.

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What Are Loppers Used For?

Designed to help you power through thick tree branches, our tree branch loppers are available in a variety of sizes and are intended to make it easy and efficient to remove dead or wayward branches.

All Fiskars loppers feature fully hardened, precision-ground steel blades that cut all the way to the tip and stay sharp – even through heavy use. Non-slip handle grips offer improved control, while a low-friction blade coating reduces gumming and improves rust resistance. Choose from bypass style blades for clean cuts on green or live growth or anvil style, which are ideal for removing dead branches or other growth where cleanliness of the cut is less important.

For thicker branches, using lopping shears with a mechanical advantage can help maximize your power. Power-Lever® Loppers feature compound lever technology that multiplies leverage for up to 2x more cutting power, while PowerGear® Loppers have a patented gear technology that allows for 3x more cutting power, for dramatically easier cuts. PowerGear2™ Loppers offer an even more enhanced, patented design with modified gears and a mechanism that specifically optimizes your cutting power in the thickest part of the cut where you need it most. Forged Steel Loppers offer superior strength and durability, while the ratchet design on our Ratchet Lopper is ideal for heavy- duty cuts, compounding force with a few squeezes to help you power through the branch without strain. Another option for reducing strain is the PowerGear® Super Pruner/Lopper – a smaller, lighter version of a standard-sized lopper. For ultimate durability, Fiskars Pro® Loppers feature PowerAdvance™ lever technology for 30% more cutting power, resulting in quality performance under all conditions.