Canvas Circle Art for Kids

by Smitha Katti

Make an easy wall art piece with the kids to decorate your home. Make it as colorful as you would like, or go monochromatic. All you need is a Fiskars Plastic Compass and paint!

Compass Circles on Canvas

1. Paint an entire 12 by 12 inch canvas in the neutral paint color, and let dry. If you would rather make "refrigerator art", you can simply use a piece of heavier paper instead of a canvas.

Fiskars Canvas Art Kids 02

2. Remove the pencil from the Plastic Compass and replace with a paintbrush. You may want to use change paintbrush sizes as you go so that you can make circles of different thicknesses. The compass has a locking mechanism that can be adjusted to accommodate different sized pencils or paintbrushes.

Fiskars Canvas Art Kids 03

3. Dip the paintbrush in the brighter colored paint, and remove any excess paint from the paintbrush.

Fiskars Canvas Art Kids 04

4. Place the compass on the canvas, and draw a circle with the paintbrush.

Fiskars Canvas Art Kids 05

5. Dip the paintbrush in the paint again. This time, change the size of the circle on the compass to make a larger circle.

Fiskars Canvas Art Kids 06

6. Change paint colors and draw as many circles as you wish. Take caution when painting OVER other colors. You may want to let different colors dry before you create circles over them.

7. Fill in some of the circles with paint.

Fiskars Canvas Art Kids 07

8. Paint the edges of the canvas with your favorite color.

Fiskars Canvas Art Kids 08

This easy project allows your kids to get as creative and colorful as they want. You can make circles that are all the same color but different hues or make circles that are all different colors. In no time, your child will have new artwork for his or her room!

To find the perfect scissors for your child, visit our Kids Scissors Selection Guide.

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