Fiskars - Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

It’s our belief that all things, even the simplest, can be made better and smarter®

Fiskars - Different and smarter

Different & smarter

We never stop improving. Our designs are inspired by nature, physics and the human anatomy to solve problems in surprising ways.

Fiskars - Natural and elegant

Natural & Elegant

We’re so much more than orange. You’ll know our tools by their natural, essential and consistent forms.

Fiskars - Simple and easy

Simple & easy

Our tools stay out of your way. Superior ergonomics and intuitive designs make doing the things you love easier than you ever imagined.

Fiskars - Tough & lasting

Tough & lasting

Our tools will be there, project after project and season after season, to help you do the things you love. And of course, all of our premium tools are guaranteed for life.

Fiskars - The things you love to do

It starts with you & the things you love to do

Every tool we make should feel like it was designed for your body, the way you like to work and the activity you love — because it was. From immersive work-along interviews to collaborative ideation with pros to careful consumer segmentation research, we put in the study before we create. We call this holistic philosophy Advanced Human Engineering, and it has made our tools favorites among passionate people worldwide.

Fiskars - Different & better by design

Different & better by design

When we create a new tool, nothing is out of bounds. We encourage our designers and engineers to seek inspiration from all arenas of modern life and develop new solutions that are applied in unexpected ways. Our tools look a little different, because they are, designed to function in ways that redefine your expectations of what’s possible.

Fiskars - Tested tough & scientifically validated

Tested tough & scientifically validated

From the lab to the lawn, our tools undergo rigorous testing and stringent validation processes that include quantitative concept testing, prototype field testing, product endurance testing and competitive product benchmarking. Our tools must meet high standards of quality and performance to make sure they last through the years and do more than just work — they need to outwork the competition.

Fiskars - Solving everyday problems to create a better life

Solving everyday problems to create a better life

After all of the study, concepting, engineering and testing, it all comes down to a very simple proposition — does this tool solve problems and help you create a better life? That is the essence of Fiskars. From creating to refining to fixing and beyond, we’ll be here to help with innovative tools that make the things you love to do easier and more enjoyable than you ever imagined.