POWER TOOTH® Universal Hand Saw (20in.)

Delivering power when you need it and control where you want it, Fiskars® Pro POWER TOOTH® Universal Hand Saw has a razor-sharp, triple-ground POWER TOOTH® blade for fast, smooth cuts through wood, laminate, PVC and more. The blade also features RapidStartTM technology, with over 40% more teeth per inch near the tip of the blade, for quicker, cleaner, more controlled cut starts and virtually no binding. The remainder of the triple-ground blade has 9 TPI for forceful, quick universal cutting, while specialized contouring at top-of-handle guides two-handed placement for ultimate power and control. Advanced ergonomics include an oversized handle for larger, gloved hands, extended finger placement for precision, and SoftGrip™ with innovative texturing that displaces moisture, prevents blisters and increases traction. The blade offers long-lasting sharpness with induction-hardened teeth and a low-friction, rust-preventative coating. An included sheath provides safety and protection during storage and has a built-in pencil holder.



  • Fiskars® Pro POWER TOOTH® Universal Hand Saw has a triple-ground, POWER TOOTH® blade for faster, more powerful cuts
  • RapidStart™ blade technology offers 40% more teeth near the tip of the blade for greater control with virtually no binding and quicker, cleaner cut starts
  • Middle and heel of blade features 9 TPI for forceful, smooth cuts through all types of wood as well as laminate, PVC and more
  • Handle’s SoftGrip touchpoints feature innovative, patent-pending texturing that displaces moisture, prevents blisters and provides a slip-free hold
  • Specialized contouring on handle’s top allows you to place your second hand at top of saw for added power and control during the toughest cuts
  • Oversized handle fits larger and gloved hands
  • Extra SoftGrip around the handle provides extended finger placement for added precision and control
  • Included sheath securely locks onto blade for safe storage and transport
  • Sheath has a built-in carpenter pencil holder
  • POWER TOOTH® blade features induction-hardened teeth for longer-lasting sharpness
  • Low-friction, rust-resistant blade coating maintains blade performance
  •  0.9 mm blade thickness offers stability
  • 45 and 90-degree angle guides allow on-the-spot marking for efficient cutting work
  • 20 in. blade
  • Hang hole for storage 
  • Full lifetime warranty 
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