Two Ways To Cut A Watermelon

by Oleander and Palm

Cutting a watermelon can be a challenge. They roll around on any flat surface, and their large size makes it difficult to stabilize. In this article and corresponding video, I'm offering two ways to cut a watermelon and sharing some tips and tricks along the way to make it easier for you the next time you serve up this summer sweet.

Two Ways To Cut A Watermelon

Steps to Cutting Triangle Slices

While this may seem easy in theory, cutting triangle slices can actually be pretty tricky due to the size of your chosen watermelon. To tackle this technique, follow my four simple steps below.

Step 1: Slice off the end. Begin by selecting your watermelon and slicing off the end where the vine was attached. This will give you an even, solid base on which to stand your watermelon straight up and give you more control while cutting.

Make sure you're using a large knife, like the Fiskars™ Summit 8" Chef's Knife, for this cutting task as you'll need to cut through a large amount of fruit all in one motion.

Fiskars Cutting Watermelon 02

Step 2: Slice down the middle. Now that your watermelon is stable and upright, slice straight through the middle, creating two large halves. Move one half off to the side and place the other cut side down on your cutting board.

Fiskars Cutting Watermelon 03

Step 3: Slice down the middle again. Repeat this action of cutting down the middle on the first half of your watermelon, again halving the fruit. Do the same to the watermelon you set aside to create four even quarters.

Fiskars Cutting Watermelon 04

Step 4: Slice to create triangles. Take one of your created quarters, lay it down on one of its flat sides, and slice straight down, starting at one end of the fruit and moving to the other in 1" increments. You should create a perfect triangle slice each time you cut through. Repeat this motion on all quarters and you'll be ready to feed the whole crew!

Fiskars Cutting Watermelon 05

Bonus Tip: Sweeten it up. For some extra fun, try dipping your triangles in melted chocolate and garnishing with shredded coconut or crushed pistachios. It's the perfect dessert for a hot summer day!

Fiskars Cutting Watermelon 06

Steps to Cutting Cubes

This is another cutting task that seems easier than it usually ends up being. Between the juice from the watermelon and the sheer amount of cubed fruit you produce when cutting, it can be hard to juggle it all. For this one, you'll again need the Fiskars™ Summit 8" Chef's Knife to cut all the way through the large fruit. Follow my five steps and you'll soon have the neatest cubes on the block.

Step 1: Slice off both ends. You'll want a sturdy base for when you begin slicing, but you'll also need a flat top. Remove both ends of the watermelon and stand it upright so the flat ends are on the cutting board and facing upwards.

Step 2: Carve down the sides. Here's where having the right kind of knife comes into play. To use as much of the fruit as possible and reduce waste, carefully carve down the sides of the watermelon, cutting right where the fruit turns from red to white.

The Fiskars™ Summit 8" Chef's Knife features a textured grip on the handle, helping to keep the knife secure in your hand, which is especially helpful when cutting something as juicy as a watermelon. The large, sharp blade cuts precisely so there is no catching on the fruit while cutting, and the pinch grip zone improves your cutting control, even when cutting something as unwieldy as a watermelon.

Fiskars Cutting Watermelon 07

Step 3: Flip and cut. Once the green and white skin has been removed, turn the watermelon on one side, with the flat ends facing outwards. Then, starting at one flat end, begin cutting straight down and repeat as you move towards the other flat end. This will leave you with 1" circular disks.

Fiskars Cutting Watermelon 08

Step 4: Stack slices and cut. Stack the circular disks into two piles and move one off to the side. Then, center the other group of stacked disks in the center of your cutting board and repeat the same slicing motion by starting at one end and working through to the other.

Fiskars Cutting Watermelon 09

Step 5: Rotate cutting board and cube. Once both piles of disks have been sliced, rotate the cutting board 90 degrees and repeat the same motion, cutting through each pile, one at a time, starting at one end and moving to the other. Rotating the cutting board helps to keep all of the watermelon pieces together and will leave you with uniform cubes.

Fiskars Cutting Watermelon 10

Bonus Tip: Make it savory. Watermelon is known as a sweet treat, but it can be turned into a great savory salad with a few additions, like feta cheese, cucumber and mint!

Fiskars Cutting Watermelon 11