Three Ways To Cut A Tomato

by Oleander and Palm

The tomato is such a versatile fruit – it ends up in so many different recipes from many different cultures. That being said, it can get a little messy to prepare. The juice and seeds can easily get in the way and the skin can sometimes be tough to cut through without using the proper knife.Read more to learn three go-to cutting techniques for tomatoes that are sure to simplify the process.

Three Ways To Cut A Tomato

Steps for Slicing

This is the simplest preparation of a tomato and probably the most common. It's truly as easy as finding the right knife and slicing through.

Step 1: Select your knife. Using a serrated knife is a must when cutting a tomato. The serrated blade ensures smooth, easy cutting into delicate foods. My recommendation is to use the Fiskars® Summit 6.5" Serrated Utility Knife because the added pinch-grip on the handle helps provide you with maximum cutting control, which is important when cutting through slippery food like some fruits and veggies.

Step 2: Lay fruit down and slice. Start by laying the tomato on its side with the top area that was connected to the vine facing either left or right. Then, simply slice down, starting at the top end and work towards the bottom to create thick tomato slices.

Fiskars Dicing Tomato 02

Bonus Tip: Give the tomato more attention. Slices are usually thought of when adding tomatoes to a sandwich as a garnish, but try making them the star by creating a Caprese salad. All you need are some simple slices, a little basil, mozzarella cut to the same size, and finish with a balsamic drizzle.

Fiskars Dicing Tomato 03

Steps for Dicing:

Dicing a tomato can be just plain awkward. The skin can be tough and the juice and seeds can spill all over the cutting board. After getting fed up with wasting almost half of my tomato during the cutting process, I learned a new tip to help keep everything a bit neater.

Step 1: Lay down the tomato. First, lay the tomato on your cutting board top side down. This will give you a bit more stability when cutting.

Step 2: Slice down, but not through. This next part is critical. Begin slicing the tomato, but don't cut all the way through. Cut down about ¾ of the way and then start your next slice. This will hold all of the slices together and help keep some of the juices inside.

Fiskars Dicing Tomato 04

Step 3: Rotate and repeat. Rotate the tomato 90 degrees on the cutting board and repeat the slicing down motion, again being careful not to cut all the way through and separate the slices.

Fiskars Dicing Tomato 05

Step 4: Flip and slice. Finally, turn the scored tomato on its side and cut straight down and all the way through. This will leave you with uniform diced pieces that are held together until the last cut, helping keep everything neat and tidy for your final recipe.

Fiskars Dicing Tomato 06

Bonus Tip: Fresh is better. Fresh salsa is so easy to make and way better than out of a jar. Try making your own pico de gallo by combining your diced tomatoes with diced onions, cut exactly the same way we cut the tomato, and add in as much or as little spice from diced serrano peppers as you'd like. Finish with lime juice, cilantro and a bit of salt to get the party started!

Fiskars Dicing Tomato 07

Steps for Cutting Wedges:

Another simple way to prepare a tomato is by creating wedges, perfect for salads or eating on their own as a snack. Two simple steps will get you to wedge excellence!

Step 1: Lay down the tomato. First, lay the tomato on your cutting board top side down to prevent it from rolling.

Fiskars Dicing Tomato 08

Step 2: Slice. Start by slicing straight down the middle to create two halves. Set one to the side and bring the other to the center of your cutting board. Again, slice right down the middle, creating two halves out of your first half of the tomato. Then, cut each of those halves again in the center. This last cutting motion will be a little at an angle, but you should be able to cut straight through when choosing a sharp serrated knife like the Fiskars® Summit 6.5" Serrated Utility Knife. Flip over and serve!

Fiskars Dicing Tomato 09

Bonus Tip: When in doubt, roast away. Roasted tomatoes are a wonderful recipe to try on a cool fall day. Simply toss on a sheet pan and drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper. You'll be left with a wonderful side dish, or the base of a gorgeous homemade tomato sauce, perfect for pizza and pasta.

Fiskars Dicing Tomato 10