DIY Piggy Bank Gift Boxes

by Handmade Charlotte

Meet Pas­cal and his pals, Panda and Par­rot! He trav­eled the cor­ners of the globe and came home with these exotic friends to delight and excite your child's imag­i­na­tion.

DIY Piggy Bank Gift Boxes
Fiskars DIY Bank Gift Boxes 02

With a few dis­carded mail­ing tubes, con­struc­tion paper, and Fiskars Squeeze Punches you can craft these char­ac­ters in under 20 min­utes. It just may be the first time your kids will be more excited about the gift wrap than the gift inside.

Fiskars DIY Bank Gift Boxes 03

Bring­ing the char­ac­ters to life is a cinch with the Fiskars Squeeze Punch. With a sim­ple squeeze you can trim the mus­tache of the most dec­o­rated sailor or give flight to the intri­cately pat­terned par­rot. It's quick, pre­cise, sim­ple, and safe enough for the whole fam­ily. You can eas­ily cre­ate embell­ish­ments of all shapes and sizes, giv­ing each gift a totally unique personality.

Fiskars DIY Bank Gift Boxes 04

Punch out aheart, turn it upside down, and voila! You have a per­fect Panda's nose. Using the1/4 " cir­cle punch, Pas­cal gets two per­fectly round, expres­sive eyes.

Fiskars DIY Bank Gift Boxes 05

And go crazy with the Seal of Approval punchto cre­ate bright plumage for Par­rot.Easy!

Fiskars DIY Bank Gift Boxes 06


  1. Wrap the mail­ing tube with con­struc­tionpaper.
  2. Use thepunches and scis­sors to cre­ate shapes for the face. With all of the shapes and sizes Fiskars has to offer, the sky is the limit. Here, we used the Seal of Approval punch for Parrot's wings. See the print­able for detailed instruc­tions for each character.
  3. Finally, use the double-sided tape to con­struct your char­ac­ters. Place your gift inside the mail­ing tube and let the excite­mentstart.