Making Shapes and Learning to Cut with Scissors

by Jen Causey of Something Turquoise

Kids love to get creative and use scissors, but learning how to cut takes time and practice. These free printable Scissors Practice sheets make a great resource for teachers and parents as kids develop cutting skills.

Making Shapes and Learning to Cut with Scissors

Simply print a template using one of the below links onto colored paper and let kids cut their little hearts out! Using Fiskars Kids Scissors will not only keep their fingers safe, but will ensure that they will actually be cutting the paper and not just bending it!

Scissors practice - straight lines
Scissors practice - cutting shapes 1
Scissors practice - common shapes 2
Scissors practice - making a bookmark

Fiskars Kids Learn Cut Scissors 02

Start out practicing with the straight lines template and as kids get more comfortable, move on to more complext shapes. We recommend printing on different weight papers so your little ones can feel the difference when cutting.

Fiskars Kids Learn Cut Scissors 03

Kids will love just cutting the paper but they'll also be proud to use the shapes to decorate their room or use as gift tags. Bookmarks are another fun, easy project that can involve even more creativity after the shape is cut out.

Making a bookmark

1. Print out the bookmark template on colorful card stock: Scissors practice - making a bookmark

2. Have kids carefully cut out the outline of the bookmark using their Kids Scissors.

3. Once the bookmarks have been cut out, help kids embellish their bookmarks by punching shapes with Squeeze Punches, stamps or stickers.

4. Use markers or crayons to have the child write their name or draw additional designs.

Fiskars Kids Learn Cut Scissors 04

Learning how to use scissors is a fun way for kids to be creative as they develop fine motor skills. As kids get older and more experienced using scissors, Fiskars has scissors in different sizes to fit growing hands from preschool to adulthood.