Pretty Paper Dolls

by Lia Griffith

These printable "Stellar Sister" paper dolls from Lia Griffith are as fun as they are empowering! Lia loved making paper dolls as a young girl. She thought it would be fun to put a modern spin on this classic craft and asked her illustrator daughter Emily to design a set. Each paper doll comes with her own unique story and accessories to match. You and your little ones will love being a part of this stylish sisterhood!

Pretty Paper Dolls

Step 1: Select your Scissors. To begin, grab your Fiskars® Orange-handled Scissors™ and print out your Stellar Sisters template using the download below.

Step 2: Begin cutting out your templates. Cut out each doll and her respective clothing/accessories along the outer lines. Make sure to cut around the dotted tabs of the accessory pieces – these tabs will allow you to properly attach these pieces to your dolls. Decorate to your liking!

Fiskars Fyi Pretty Paper Dolls 02

Step 3: Fold and assemble. Use a bone fold or the edge of your Fiskars scissors to fold in the tabs of the clothes and accessories.

Step 4: Have fun with your Stellar Sister community!

Fiskars Fyi Pretty Paper Dolls 03