Handmade Fabric Ornaments

by Tammy Tutterow

Add a easy homespun touch to your holiday décor or packages.

Handmade Fabric Ornaments
Fiskars Quilted Ornaments 02

1. Place one piece of fabric with print side down on your work table. Next, place a layer a piece of quilt batting on top of the fabric.

2. Place a second layer or fabric on top of the batting, printed side up. Use a fabric safe glue stick to hold the layers together and eliminate the need for pinning.

Fiskars Quilted Ornaments 03

3. Use a shape template to trace the desired shape onto the fabric using a pencil.

Fiskars Quilted Ornaments 04

4. Cut the traced shape out using a pinking shears. Cut just inside the pencil line.

Fiskars Quilted Ornaments 05

5. Make a simple ribbon loop from about 7" of ribbon. Place the two cut ends inside your shape and pin in place.

Fiskars Quilted Ornaments 06

6. Sew along the outer edges of the shape about 1/4" from the outside edges. Add lines of sewing through the center to create puffy quilted areas. (In the star example, the lines of the star were simply sewed in straight lines from corner to corner, just as one would draw a star.)

Fiskars Quilted Ornaments 07

7. Use decorative thread or embroidery floss to sew a button or other embellishment to the center of the shape.

Fiskars Quilted Ornaments 08

8. To add quick and easy personalization, stamp names on scrap cardstock. Cut the names out in strips. Use clear adhesive dots applied to the front edge of the strips to adhere the strips to the backside of the buttons.

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