Shamrock Accessories

by Lia Griffith

The last thing that you want on St. Patrick's Day is to get pinched, so make sure you incorporate some green into your outfit for the day!

Shamrock Accessories

Adding a homemade shamrock headband, hairclip, or pin to your outfit is a great way to add a pop of color for the holiday. Creating shamrock designs from heart-shaped punches is quick, easy and a project even the kids can do.

1. Start with a green headband as a foundation. Pick out three shades of your favorite green metallic paper. You can also add some gold accents with gold glitter card stock.

Fiskars St Patricks Day Accessories 02

2. Using the Fiskars Heart Punch, punch out green and gold hearts from the card stock.

3. Arranging three punched hearts together (or four if you're lucky!) in a circle creates an exact shamrock shape that you can use for your headband and other St. Patrick's Day crafts.

Fiskars St Patricks Day Accessories 03

4. You can glue shamrocks directly onto the headband, or you can add shamrocks to floral wire to create dimension. Layer your shamrocks with varying shades of green and pops of glitter card stock. If using floral wire, twist your wire around the headband and use hot glue to secure it. Once the wire is secure, you can glue your shamrocks on by adding each heart shape individually. If you are gluing your shamrocks directly to the headband, put your shamrocks together before you attach them to the band.

Fiskars St Patricks Day Accessories 04

To Make The Shamrock Pin and Hairclip:

In addition to a shamrock headband, you can make a shamrock shirt pin or hairclip using the same heart-shaped punches.

Fiskars St Patricks Day Accessories 05

1. Layer your shamrocks and create card stock flags with holiday-themed messages between the shamrocks.

2. Use the Fiskars 1/8th" hole punch to make a hole in the bottom shamrock.

Fiskars St Patricks Day Accessories 06

3. After you have your shamrock assembled, you can add different colors of green ribbon to hang down from the bottom hole.

Fiskars St Patricks Day Accessories 07

4. To turn the design into a pin or hairclip, simply attach a pin back or clip directly to the back of the shamrock with hot glue.

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