Christmas & Holiday Card Display Ideas

by Emma Jeffery

Show off your Christmas cards in style with this festive holiday card display. The Thick Materials Punches allow you to craft with materials you may not have considered using before.

Christmas & Holiday Card Display Ideas

This time of year is such a great time to express your creativity. There are so many great DIY project ideas for gifts, home décor and gift making. Plus, the festive spirit comes to your mailbox every day with holiday cards from your friends and family. Display all the holiday love by creating a beautiful décor piece.

1. Start by locating an old frame. If you don't already have one, you can usually find one for a steal at your local thrift store.

Fiskars DIY Christmas Card Displays 02

2. Use the Banner Thick Materials Punch to cut banner shapes from self-adhesive craft foam sheets. The Thick Materials Punches are designed to effortlessly cut through a variety of materials. This tool also works well on wood veneer, cork or plastic.

Fiskars DIY Christmas Card Displays 03

2. Apply alpha stickers to the banner pieces to spell your sentiment. Peel off the adhesive backing, and add your banner to the top of your frame.

Fiskars DIY Christmas Card Displays 04

3. Use all three sizes of the Chevron Thick Materials Punches to cut self-adhesive green craft foam. Arrange the pieces in order from largest to smallest, and adhere them to the side of your frame in the shape of a tree. Top it off with with a punched star.

Fiskars DIY Christmas Card Displays 05

4. For the "Fa La La" clips, punch banner shapes with cardstock using the Banner/Artisan Double Tag Maker. You only need to use the banner design side of the punch, so flip your punch over before pressing the lever to make sure your paper is aligned properly.

Fiskars DIY Christmas Card Displays 06

5. Stamp FA LA LA onto the tags using the Alpha Basic Clear Stamps, using the gridlines of the stamp block to align the letters. It's so easy to see exactly where you are stamping due to the clear acrylic base of the stamp block. Your projects will be precise and look professional.

Fiskars DIY Christmas Card Displays 07

6. Adhere each banner to the front of a wooden clothes peg and allow drying time. Add a self-adhesive jewel for a simple embellishment.

Fiskars DIY Christmas Card Displays 08

7. String twine across your frame, and add your cards to the twine using clothespins.

The finished project is a simple way to express your holiday spirit and creativity while showcasing tidings of joy from family and friends.

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