Craft a Picture Collage Board to Display on Your Wall

by Emma Jeffery

Using the Fiskars® Heavy Duty Craft Knife allows you to work with materials you might not have considered possible. This geometric wooden display board is a fun way to show off your favorite photos, and it's easy to make, too. Follow these steps to create the perfect picture board to display on your wall.

Craft a Picture Collage Board to Display on Your Wall

1. Join the planks. First, join as many planks of balsa wood together with tape to create your desired size board. We used three lengths of balsa wood side by side to create a large scale geometric pattern.

Fiskars DIY Picture Board 02

2. Cut the balsa wood. Next, use the Fiskars® Hexagon English Paper Piecing set's 2" acrylic hexagon shape template (or create a template by using the punch to cut a shape from cardstock) to draw a pattern on your woof. Then, use the Fiskars® Heavy Duty Craft Knife to cut the drawn shapes out of the balsa wood. Use a metal ruler as a hard edge to brace against the craft knife to ensure straight cuts.

Fiskars DIY Picture Board 03

3.Paint the balsa wood. Protect your work surface, then paint the balsa wood using a sponge brush and allow to dry. Paint a second coat, if necessary.

Fiskars DIY Picture Board 04

4. Reinforce the joined planks. To reinforce the joined balsa wood, glue small offcuts of wood on the back, across the joint, with a glue gun.

5. Hang the display board. Cut holes in the top corners of the photo display board to your liking. Pass rope through the holes and knot to reach desired hang length. Hang on the wall with a hook.

6. Mount your photos. Display your photos by clipping them to the display board with mini binder clips.

Fiskars DIY Picture Board 05
Fiskars DIY Picture Board 06