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Wreath Mania

by Lisa Storms

I have a wreath obsession. They are rings of textural happiness to me. Wreaths can be everyday or seasonal home décor or festive party decorations by changing up the colors and materials.

This felt wreath uses two materials, wire and felt. Create a circle from sturdy wire or a wire hanger. Begin by cutting one inch strips of felt in assorted colors using a rotary cutter with acrylic ruler on a cutting mat. Mine are 12 inches long, but any length will work as long as it is an even number.

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 02

Next punch a 1/16 inch hole one inch from the side and then every two inches along center of strip. When your length is an even number, your last hole will automatically end up one inch from the end as well. To make this process super simple, I created a 1x12 inch template from cardstock and punched holes using a 1/8 inch hole punch.

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 03

Place template over strip and mark each hole with a marker as a punching guide.

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 04

Once all holes are punched, all that is left to do is thread the felt strips onto wire form using an accordion pattern.

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 05

Twist the wire ends together. The wreath can be left like this, or I decided to twist the felt randomly for a more playful feel.

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 06

Covering a wreath form with punches adds lots of texture easily.

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 07

I like the look of monochromatic texture, so I set out to create a teal floral wreath. I began with a pre-made foam wreath and short sewing pins. I spray painted both with an indoor/outdoor paint to keep everything the same color. Place the pins into spare foam or packaging to spray. By altering the wreath base color, I am able to pin the flowers all over without worrying about another color showing through the gaps.

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 08

Next, get punching. Punch lots of flowers from teal cardstock. Try varying shades of teal for added interest. Pin the flowers onto wreath form to complete. Gently fold up flower petals for added texture.

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 09

This final wreath is definitely a party wreath. I wanted to create a colorful wreath I could bring out for any party. You could change up the colors to fit any event.

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 10

I cut out a base from chipboard (think cereal box) using the Super Sized Circle Templates as a guide. You can make it any size you wish. Paired with party streamers for the main material, this wreath is very inexpensive to make. Cut strips of crepe streamers long enough to wrap the perimeter of your wreath base. Cut four of each color and sew down the center.

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 11

Fold each sewn stack in half and trim off edges with pinking scissors or shears. I keep a pair of pinking shears just for paper projects since I use them so often. Fringe-cut the strips at each valley of pinked border as shown.

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 12

Ruffle out the strips by hand to give them fluff and volume.

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 13

Using hot glue at a low temp, adhere your first color around the outer edge of wreath base and the last color around the center as shown.

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 14

Continue with layers from each side until the middle is reached.

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 15

Do a final fluffing of the layers and you are ready to party!

Fiskars Wreath Home Decor 16

I highly suggest giving wreath making a try. They are not only fun to make, but fun to display.