DIY Weekly Meal Planning Board

by Jen Causey of Something Turquoise

Keep your weekly meal plan organized in style with this fun and easy DIY menu block idea. In less than 30 minutes, this menu display will show your family what to expect for dinner while helping you plan it all out. Not making dinner? Add that to the block too!

DIY Weekly Meal Planning Board
Fiskars DIY Menu Board 02

1. Paint or stain a block of wood to your desired color or leave it natural.

Fiskars DIY Menu Board 03

2. Next, punch out at least seven tags using the Tag Thick Materials Shape Punch (Large) out of heavy cardstock. Get creative with using different colors for the weekend meals or other categories of meals.

Fiskars DIY Menu Board 04

3. Punch a hole in the top of each tag using the 1/8" Circle Hand Punch.

Fiskars DIY Menu Board 05

4. On each tag, write what is on the menu for that night. If you regularly make the same meals, you don't have to throw out these tags. You can recycle them and use them week after week. Make a tag for regular meals and special nights, then when that's on the menu, you already have a tag made up for it!

Fiskars DIY Menu Board 06

5. Lay out the tags on your block of wood, evenly spaced, and mark where each nail should go. Hammer the nails in. Try using small copper upholstery nails for added character.

Fiskars DIY Menu Board 07

6. Add a letter for the day of the week above each nail using a paint pen or chalk marker. Write "weekly menu" on the top of the block.

Fiskars DIY Menu Board 08

7. Display the menu block in your kitchen for a preview of the week's dinner ideas.

Get your kids involved and let them choose the meals and which days they will be served to get them excited about dinner!

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