Brighten Up the Party with a DIY Paper Garland

by Emma Jeffery

Create this stunning party garland backdrop for your next big bash. It's easy to make using two sizes of Fiskars® Hexagon punches. Follow these steps to make your own.

Brighten Up the Party with a DIY Paper Garland

1. Cut hexagon shapes. To start, use the XL and L Fiskars® Hexagon Squeeze punches to quickly cut multiple shape sizes from cardstock.

Fiskars DIY Paper Garland 02

2.Prepare needle and thread. Thread a needle with a long length of twine and knot the end.

Fiskars DIY Paper Garland 03

3. Thread hexagons onto the twine. First, pierce the center of one hexagon with the needle and thread onto the twine. Then tie a knot above the hexagon and thread another. The knots in between each hexagon will keep a space in between each shape. Thread as many hexagons as you need in order to reach your desired garland length.

Fiskars DIY Paper Garland 04

4. Assemble on a dowel. At the top, form a loop with the twine and hang over a wooden dowel. Repeat until you have enough garlands to reach your desired backdrop width. Snip off any excess twine at the top with Fiskars® Orange-handled Scissors™.

Fiskars DIY Paper Garland 05

5. Hang the garland. Use hooks to hang the wooden dowel on the wall and enjoy your fun, colorful party garland.

Fiskars DIY Paper Garland 06
Fiskars DIY Paper Garland 07