Create Custom Party Favor Boxes for your Guests

by Emma Jeffery

These small favor boxes are just the right size for some creative gift gifting. Fill them with your own special treats and allow your guests to take home a unique memory from your party.

Create Custom Party Favor Boxes for your Guests

1. Create the favor box. Create a 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" gift box using the Fiskars® Gifting Board from white cardstock. To start, trim your cardstock to 7 3/4" and insert in to the Gifting Board. Punch and score the lines. Rotate the cardstock and repeat for the remaining three sides. Then, flip the cardstock over and punch the opposite sides. To finish, punch the opening flaps using the integrated lock punch in the Gifting Board.

Fiskars DIY Party Favor Boxes 02

2. Assemble the box. Bring the box sides together and secure using the locking flaps.

Fiskars DIY Party Favor Boxes 03

3. Create a bow. First, trim gold cardstock to 1" x 7 1/8" with paper trimmer. Insert the cardstock into the Gifting Board and align with Ruler Position 1 ½. Punch the cardstock on both sides and repeat for the opposite end. Next, align the cardstock with Ruler Position 3 ½ and punch both sides. Finally, insert the end of the cardstock into the punch and align it with the dashed guidelines on the board and punch both ends.

Fiskars DIY Party Favor Boxes 04

4. Assemble the bow. Use glue dots to assemble the bow.

Fiskars DIY Party Favor Boxes 05

5. Create the watercolor labels. First, brush watercolor paint over the watercolor paper and allow to dry. Flatten under a pile of books if necessary to keep paper flat. Next, use the Fiskars® Label Thick Materials Shape Punch to cut a shape out of the watercolor paper.

Fiskars DIY Party Favor Boxes 06

6. Stamp sentiment. Use a sentiment from the Fiskars® Hostess with the Mostest Clear Stamp Set and stamp on to the watercolor label using the Fiskars® Stamp Block Set. To finish, adhere the label to the front of the box with a foam adhesive strip.

Fiskars DIY Party Favor Boxes 07

7. Fill with treats and gift to your guests! Adhere bow to the top of the box as a finishing touch.

Fiskars Brunch Party DIY Decor 06
Fiskars DIY Party Favor Boxes 09