Craft Beautiful Watercolor Invitations for Any Occasion!

by Emma Jeffery

These watercolor invitations will look lovely when delivered in a gorgeously lined, coordinating envelope. Try out the versatility of the Fiskars® Gifting Board and make some for your next big bash.

Craft Beautiful Watercolor Invitations for Any Occasion!

To make the invitations:

1.Paint the watercolor paper.Brush watercolor paint over the paper and allow to dry. Flatten under a few heavy books if necessary to keep cardstock straight.

2.Cut watercolor paper to size.Start by trimming the watercolor paper to 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" using the Fiskars® ProCision™ Rotary Bypass Trimmer.

Fiskars DIY Watercolor Invitations 02

3.Trim corners of the invitations.Round off the corners of the invitation using the integrated corner punch on the Fiskars® Gifting Board.

Fiskars DIY Watercolor Invitations 03

4.Add glitter.Brush glue along the bottom edge of the invitation and sprinkle on gold glitter for added embellishment. Allow to dry.

Fiskars DIY Watercolor Invitations 04

5.Stamp sentiment.Use a sentiment from the Fiskars® You're Invited! Clear Stamp Setand stamp the design on to the invitation using the Fiskars® Stamp Block Set.

Fiskars DIY Watercolor Invitations 05

To make the lined envelope:

1.Make the envelopes.First, follow the Gifting Board instructions to make an envelope for a 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" card. Cut watercolor paper to 8 7/8" x 8 7/8" and insert into the Gifting Board. Align the edge of the paper with the 3 ¾ Ruler Position. Punch and score along line 2. Next, rotate the paper and align the scored line with score line 1 on the Gifting Board. Then, punch and score along line 2. Repeat for the remaining sides, then round off the points using the envelope corner punch on the Gifting Board.

Fiskars DIY Watercolor Invitations 06

2.Make the envelope lining.To make the decorative lining, first trim a piece of paper to 4 3/4" square. Then, round off two opposite corners using the envelope corner punch in the Gifting Board. Next, align the two remaining pointed corners along score line 2 on the Gifting Board and score across line 2, through the middle of the decorative paper.

Fiskars DIY Watercolor Invitations 07

3.Assemble the envelope.Align the fold of the decorative paper along the top fold of the envelope and glue in place, then assemble the envelope as usual.

Fiskars DIY Watercolor Invitations 08
Fiskars DIY Watercolor Invitations 09