Etch the Perfect Custom Cocktail Glasses

by Emma Jeffery

These glass-etched party glasses are perfect for showcasing your crafted cocktails, favorite wine or any delicious drink. Be the hostess with the mostest as your present your guests with one of these frosted glasses.

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1. Cut tape. First, lay a length of electrical tape on the cutting mat, then cut into strips using the Fiskars® Non-Stick Scissors. Next, cut the strips into varying thickness using a metal ruler and the Fiskars® Easy Change Detail Knife. You'll want three or four lengths of tape, of varying thickness.

Fiskars How To Etch Glass 02

2. Apply tape to glass. Wrap the tape around the bottom half of the glass. The electrical tape can be pulled easily around curves. Cut tape using the scissors and create clean taped lines across the glass.

Fiskars How To Etch Glass 03

3. Apply the glass etching cream. Brush the glass etching cream carefully onto the glass and remove following the manufacturer's recommended directions on timing. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the amount of glass that has been etched away. We repeated the etching process four times to achieve our final frosted look.

Fiskars How To Etch Glass 04

4. Remove tape. Peel away the electrical tape to reveal the etched pattern in the glass, leaving a fabulous frosted effect.

Fiskars How To Etch Glass 05

Cocktail recipe:

2 oz. fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice
1 oz. top shelf vodka
1/2 oz. sage-infused simple syrup
1/4 tsp. zested ginger
1-2 fresh sage leaves

1. Make the sage-infused simple syrup. First, trim sage leaves from the stalk using the Fiskars® Fast-prep Herb Shears. Next, add one cup of boiling water to one cup of sugar. Stir until sugar is fully dissolved. Add one cup of freshly chopped sage. Allow to cool, then put into a jar with a lid and refrigerate for at least two days (up to three weeks) to properly infuse. Strain just before using.

Fiskars How To Etch Glass 06

2. Mix cocktail ingredients. Mix all cocktail ingredients and pour over ice. This can be done ahead of time in batches, allowing the ginger zest to steep in the drink. Strain, if desired.

Fiskars How To Etch Glass 07

3. Add garnish. Bruise fresh sage leaves in your hands or with muddler and add as a garnish.

Fiskars How To Etch Glass 08