Paper Gems Wall Art

by Emma Jeffery

3D art installations are super trendy and, thankfully, super easy to make if you have the right tools in hand. Using the Fiskars® Paper Gems Templates you can quickly create dimensional wall art, signs, banners, garlands and so much more. In this article you'll learn how to create your own personalized wall art in 10 simple steps.

Paper Gems Wall Art

1. Trace the template. Hold the Fiskars® Paper Gems Template of your choice on top of a sheet of cardstock. Using a pencil, trace around the perimeter of the template. This is the outline of your shape – don't worry if it doesn't look like anything now. As soon as you make a few cuts and folds you'll have a paper gem in hand!

Fiskars Paper Gems Wall Art 02

2. Score the template. Using the Fiskars® Paper Gems Stylus, score along the lines within the template. These will become your fold lines to bring your shape together in Step 4.

Fiskars Paper Gems Wall Art 03

3. Cut out the template. Cut out your traced shape along the pencil lines using Fiskars® Original Orange-Handled Scissors™ (8").

Fiskars Paper Gems Wall Art 04

4. Fold. Fold the cardstock along the scored lines from Step 2.

Fiskars Paper Gems Wall Art 05

5. Glue the tabs. Apply adhesive along the tabs of the cardstock shape. I used a tape runner, but you can use regular project glue or a hot glue gun, as well.

Fiskars Paper Gems Wall Art 06

6. Assemble the paper gem. Bring the folded shape together and secure in place by pressing along the adhesive on the tabs.

Fiskars Paper Gems Wall Art 07

7. Make multiple paper gems. Using a variety of paper gems designs and cardstock colors, create several geometric shapes following Step 1-6 for as many outputs as you want to be a part of your wall art.

8. Prepare the poster board. Print or handwrite your chosen phrase on the poster board. This can be specific to an event to correspond with a party theme or evergreen to last in your home for years to come!

9. Adhere paper gems to poster board. Adhere the paper gems to the poster board and allow to dry.

Fiskars Paper Gems Wall Art 08

10. Finish the hanging sign. Make two holes at the top of the poster board and knot rope for hanging. Place on a hanging hook or wherever works best in your home.

Fiskars Paper Gems Wall Art 09

11. Enjoy! If you've liked making this wall art, be sure to check out our other paper gems projects that show how to create trendy tabletop d�corand giftable treat boxes!

Fiskars Paper Gems Wall Art 10