Tiny Treats Gift Boxes

by Emma Jeffery

These adorable little house gift boxes are the most delightful way to present small treats and gifts. And the best part is I made them out of stamps! Follow along below to see my simple steps for creating a perfectly sized gift box for tiny treats.

Tiny Treats Gift Boxes
Fiskars Tiny Treats Gift Boxes 02

Step 1. Stamp the house templates. First, remove the Fiskars® Tiny Little Home Sweet Home house and roof templates from the stamp set and place on one of the Fiskars® Position and Press Stamp Blocks. Apply the ink color of your choice to the stamps and use the clear stamp press to position the design on your cardstock. Press down and stamp.

Fiskars Tiny Treats Gift Boxes 03

Step 2. Complete the roof. Next, complete the roof by using the roof tile stamp to fill in the template. You can use the same color ink as I did or add in a new element by varying the color.

Fiskars Tiny Treats Gift Boxes 04

Step 3. Complete the house. Fill in the details of the house using a variety of stamps from the stamp set. There are plenty of stamps to choose from to make this house your own, so giving each house a unique look is simple if you're making more than one. You can add in hand-drawn elements at this point, too!

Fiskars Tiny Treats Gift Boxes 05

Step 4. Cut out the template. Now that you have stamped the outside of your house, use the Fiskars® Total Control Non-Stick Precision Snips to cut out the house and roof templates.

Fiskars Tiny Treats Gift Boxes 06

Step 5. Score fold lines. Next, use a ruler and the closed blades of the snips to score along the tabs and fold lines of the house and roof. This will help you achieve crisp edges once you begin to assemble your house.

Fiskars Tiny Treats Gift Boxes 07

Step 6. Assemble the house. Apply adhesive to the tabs and fold the house into position. Repeat these same steps for the roof, but don't forget to add your treats before you adhere the roof to the house!

Fiskars Tiny Treats Gift Boxes 08

Step 7. Finish the house. For an extra sparkle, apply a thin line of glue to the roof and sprinkle glitter on top. Allow to dry completely.

Fiskars Tiny Treats Gift Boxes 09

Step 8. Make the label. To finish your handmade house gift boxes, add a label to each one for personalization. Cut labels from cardstock using the Fiskars® Label Thick Materials punches and stamp with a sweet sentiment. Make a hole in the label with the Fiskars® 1/8" Circle Hand Punch and tie a bow with a length of twine. Adhere the label to the roof of each house and get ready to wow the recipients!

Fiskars Tiny Treats Gift Boxes 10
Fiskars Tiny Treats Gift Boxes