Mixed Media Art Journaling: Episode 1

by Smitha Katti

Art journaling has become really trendy these days and I am not at all surprised that I love bringing in mixed media into my art journaling.

Mixed Media Art Journaling Episode 1

I wanted to try something new for this year's resolution and I immediately thought of mixed media art journaling!

To begin my January page, I was inspired by this card I had: "No matter how long the winter is, spring is sure to follow".

I used that as a theme for my page and doodled around the card.

Fiskars Art Journaling 02

Now it was time to bring in color! I added some stickers and then pulled out my stamps.

Fiskars Art Journaling 03

I scattered my stamping around the page to bring some balance.

Fiskars Art Journaling 04

The final step was to color in my doodling and add the journaling. The journaling part was the most fun though- I love writing down my thoughts and I feel that I rarely get to do that nowadays. This was a fun way to document January!

Here is a challenge for you: try your hand at art journaling this month and use a quote to be your inspiration!

Fiskars Art Journaling 05