Simple Unicorn Costume

by Emma Jeffery

Transform a simple hoodie into a super simple unicorn costume and take the stress and pressure out of making a complicated Halloween costume.

Simple Unicorn Costume

1. To make the mane, use the Titanium Softgrip® Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter to cut several strips of felt about 9" long and 2" wide.

Fiskars DIY Unicorn Costume 02

2. Fold each felt strip by overlapping the short ends slightly at the center.

Fiskars DIY Unicorn Costume 03

3. Pin each folded felt strip to the hoodie, starting about 4" from the edge of the hood and continuing down the back of the hoodie.

Fiskars DIY Unicorn Costume 04

4. Using a zig zag stitch, sew through the center of the felt strips to join them to the hoodie.

5. Use the Amplify® Fabric Shears to snip into the felt strips to create volume.

Fiskars DIY Unicorn Costume 05

6. Make two ears by cutting triangles from the felt, layering a larger triangle behind a smaller triangle. Sew the two triangles together through the folded center, to create a seam. This will help the ears to stand up instead of laying flat.

Fiskars DIY Unicorn Costume 06

7. Pin the ears to the top of the hood, one on each side of the mane. Handstitch them to the hood.

Fiskars DIY Unicorn Costume 07

8. To make a horn, cut one large felt triangle using the Amplify® Fabric Shears. Stitch the two long edges of the triangle together to close it into a cone shape. Stuff the horn with fiber fill as you go.

Fiskars DIY Unicorn Costume 08

9. Stitch the base of the horn to the front of the hood.

Fiskars DIY Unicorn Costume 09

All that is left is to grab a bucket and it is time to trick or treat!

Fiskars DIY Unicorn Costume 10