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DIY Crop Top Design & Pattern - Cute, Fun & Easy Sewing Project!

by Emma Jeffery

Crop tops are making a comeback, but with a new shape, a longer length and a swinging silhouette. Stay ahead of the trends by making your own.

Summer Crop Top

1. Download and print the pattern on your home computer. Use the ProCision Rotary Bypass Trimmer to trim the sheets of paper, cutting multiple sheets at a time to save time.

Fiskars Summer Crop Top 02

2. Tape the sheets together and cut out each pattern piece using the Original Orange Handled Scissors.

Fiskars Summer Crop Top 03

3. Pin each pattern piece to the fabric, add seam allowance and hem and cut out using the 8" Amplify Fabric Shears.

Fiskars Summer Crop Top 04

4. Sew the front darts and tie the loose threads into a knot at the center point before trimming. Press darts towards the center.

5. Sew the front and back together at the shoulder seams. For a neat seam finish, press the raw edges under and sew down.

Fiskars Summer Crop Top 05

6. Sew bias tape to the neckline.

Fiskars Summer Crop Top 06

7. Hem the sleeves and insert into armholes, easing around the curve.

Finished sleeve 

Fiskars Summer Crop Top 07

8. Sew side seams and turn seam allowance under to hide raw edges.

Fiskars Summer Crop Top 08

9. For a neat hem finish, use a rolled hem foot.

Fiskars Summer Crop Top 09

10. Finish the back openings by double folding the raw edges 1" to the wrong side and sewing. Sew buttonholes and buttons to complete the top.

Fiskars Summer Crop Top 10
Fiskars Summer Crop Top 11