Upcycling a Dresser Front with Butterflies

by Smitha Katti

Give a whimsical touch to an existing piece of furniture!

butterfly dresser

Put your paper stash to good use by redecorating a dresser front!

I bought an old dresser for my daughter's room and though it was pretty after repainting, I decided to give it a whole new dimension by adding paper butterflies.

Choose your patterned papers to co ordinate with my your rooms décor. Then die cut about two or three butterflies from each patterned paper using the Fuse Creativity System and Medium Design set 0106 Butterfly. After that punch numerous smaller butterflies using a Squeeze punch and a smaller Lever punch.

Fiskars DIY Monogram Kids Tee Shirt 02

Using Mod Podge and a large foam brush, first adhere the large Die cut butterflies, evenly distributing the colors. Next fill in the spaces by adhering the smaller butterflies in. Trim any overhang with an Easy Grip Scissor.

Fiskars DIY Monogram Kids Tee Shirt 03

Fill in the remaining spaces by doodling with some white acrylic paint using a fine brush. Add three to four top coats of mod podge or varnish, giving plenty of time between coats for drying. Replace drawer pulls and you are done!

Fiskars DIY Monogram Kids Tee Shirt 04