Fabric Circle Cutter

The Fabric Circle Cutter helps you cut clean, consistent circles and frames without tracing or wobbly freehand cutting. A convenient push cutter glides smoothly along the template's tracks for circles from 2" to 12" in diameter. Its rotating handle allows you to make the entire cut without twisting or reaching, while cushy Softgrip helps boost comfort. A built-in 1/4" circle seam allowance and an optional 1/4" half-circle seam allowance add convenience. To cut a circle, simply fold fabric in half and place the template on top, aligning the template's bottom lip with the folded edge. Position the cutter in one of 11 tracks, press down to expose the blade and then run it along the track for an impeccable circle without rough edges, bumps or holes.

  • Ideal for creating perfect, consistent circles out of cotton, polyester and more
  • 11 different size options from 2" to 12" in diameter
  • Push cutter handle rotates for smooth cutting without twisting or reaching
  • Unique half-fold design eliminates pinholes and tracing
  • 1/4" circle and half-circle seam allowances add convenience
  • Softgrip helps reduce hand fatigue and increase comfort
  • Template's bottom lip and grips help keep fabric in place
  • High-grade, precision-ground, premium steel 18 mm blade stays sharper longer
  • Change blade in seconds with no-touch blade cartridge
  • Replacement blades available (item 111320-1001)
  • Full lifetime warranty (excludes blades)
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