Brush & Land Clearing Tool Guide - Billhook Saw

by Marty Ross

When you need to control brushy growth but don't wish to carry a big tool into the garden, reach for the Fiskars® Billhook Saw. This handy new tool is a hard worker, and it's simple to use.

Brush & Land Clearing Tool Guide - Billhook Saw

The Billhook Saw is a hybrid tool – with a stout blade, a heavy-duty hook, and a sharp, coarse saw blade. The tool is versatile enough to use for all types of clearing projects.

With the hook, you can reach vines and pull them out of shrubs and trees. You can slice through twiggy growth with the body of the blade, and the saw blade allows you to trim small branches.

Fiskars Billhook Saw Tips Guide 02

Strap the Billhook Saw on your belt and you'll scarcely know it's there as you walk in the garden. The nine-inch blade is safely and conveniently in its sheath at your side. When you come to a brushy trouble spot, the tool is right at hand.

There are three grips to give you the best leverage as you work with the Billhook Saw.

Fiskars Billhook Saw Tips Guide 03

1. Grip the tool with your thumb close to the bottom of the blade, with the hook pointing down.

Fiskars Billhook Saw Tips Guide 04

Holding the Billhook Saw like this, you can snag vines in trees or shrubs, well beyond your normal reach, and pull them down. Use the hook to remove suckers that develop at the base of trees and shrubs. Additionally, this tool is great for excavating out stubborn roots.

Fiskars Billhook Saw Tips Guide 05

2. Now change the grip you have on the tool and hold saw as if it were a hatchet. The handle is large enough to give you firm and precise control of the blade, but not too large to comfortably hold in your hand; your grip will feel secure.

Fiskars Billhook Saw Tips Guide 06

With the hatchet style grip, you can cut brush, or draw down along a branch, chopping off small twiggy growth or removing small branches when lightly pruning shrubs. The Billhook Saw's sharp blade makes quick work of clearing in tight corners. It's especially good with palm fronds and grasses.

Fiskars Billhook Saw Tips Guide 07

3. Turn the Billhook Saw over, with the saw blade down, and grip the handle firmly. It may feel comfortable with your thumb close to the top of the hilt, or a little farther back.

Fiskars Billhook Saw Tips Guide 08

The saw blade cuts quickly through woody stems, and it is sharp enough to cut medium-sized branches, too. The precisely angled saw-teeth bite into the wood fast, without slipping, and slice cleanly through. Your cuts will look neat and heal quickly, which is ideal as ripped bark or jagged wounds invite pests and decay.

The Billhook Saw does heavy work, and is lightweight and portable. Protected in a sheath, you can keep it safely strapped at your side, or tuck it into a garden bucket with a pair of loppers and your trowel. You'll be ready to tackle anything in your garden!

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