Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

by Chris Lambton

Spring is one of the best opportunities to spruce up your home's curb appeal. The front yard is the first thing guests see when arriving to your home, so you want to give a lasting first impression. At the same time, I know that landscaping can be costly, so here are a few tips to beautify your yard that won't break the bank.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

An easy DIY for homeowners is to make sure the front yard is not overgrown. If it has been a while since you tackled yard work, this is where to start.

Using the Machete Axe, tackle anything from clearing back overgrown brush and vines to cutting small branches. This tool has the capability to easily clear brush with its 18" steel blade. It is also designed to be used with one hand, leaving your other hand free to grab and pile trimmings. Once the brush is cleared back, visit the roots and make sure those pesky vines and weeds do not come back. The chopping head will make this an easy task.

Fiskars Front Yard Landscaping Ideas 02

Now that the overgrowth is tamed, it is time to make the shrubs and trees in front of look well groomed too. The PowerGear2™ series of pruners, loppers and hedge shears will manicure your front hedges and trees leaving your house the most desired lot on the block. The gear technology multiplies leverage and gives you threes times more power on every cut, exerting the most force in the center of the cut, where it is needed most. The pruners and loppers feature hardened steel blades that stay sharper longer, and the low friction coating will prevent the blade from gumming up with outdoor residue from trees and branches. The PowerGear2™ loppers will cut through large over grown limbs and the pruners will tame shrubs and bushes.

Fiskars Front Yard Landscaping Ideas 03

The PowerGear2™ Hedge Shears will finish the job by shaping the shrubs with its dramatically easy to use technology.

Spring is also the time to get rid of the weeds before they start multiplying and take over the lawn. The Uproot® Weed and Root Remover will effectively wipe out weeds without having to use harmful chemicals. It has four stainless steel claws that grab onto the weed and pulls it out, root and all, ensuring the weed will not grow back. The long handle also means you don't have to bend over to pull weeds, saving your back from strain. Finally, the Long-Handle Swivel Grass Shears will trim grass around trees, along curbs and flowerbeds. The blade rotates 360 degrees so you can trim at any angle.

Now the front yard is weed free, well manicured, cut back and ready to show off. When people pull up to the house or drive by they will see a house with an impeccable yard. Using the Fiskars line of tools, you have saved money, time and your back and with innovative tools and hardened blades. They will be ready to tackle the job when they are needed again!