Five Essential Yard Care Tools For New Homeowners

by Chris Lambton

It can be overwhelming choosing tools for the yard with so many selections out there.

New Home Garden Tools

Whether you are a first time homeowner or a seasoned pro in the yard, these five tools are essential to make your life and landscaping easier and your yard the envy of the block.

The first job will be to tackle the lawn, and it's important to get the right mower. The StaySharp™ Reel Mower is a great choice for your new home. It is low maintenance; you don't have to worry about changing the oil or having enough gas to finish your lawn. You also get a nice work out while mowing, so it's healthy for you and the environment. The reel mower also saves space by folding up nicely.

Fiskars Garden Tool Essentials 02

An essential tool for any homeowner is a quality pair of pruners. Whether you are trimming back broken branches or cutting flowers to put in your centerpiece, the PowerGear®2 pruners are the best pruners for the job. These pruners are durable with a steel blade that is not only coated to help resist rust and sap build up but also powers through branches with 3 times the power of its competitors. Whenever you are out working in the yard, make sure these durable hand snips are along with you every step of the way.

Fiskars Garden Tool Essentials 03

It is important to keep branches away from your house and trim out dead wood in trees. As you can see, tree pruning can be essential all year long, even during the winter months. The Pruning Stick®will help you do this even when the branches are out of reach. The Pruning stick will extend 8-12 feet without having to climb a ladder, keeping you safe while still getting the job done. It not only has the pruner attachment that powers through branches but also comes with a 15" saw blade that can take down larger limbs.

Fiskars Garden Tool Essentials 04

One of the biggest jobs for a homeowner is spring cleanup. It is important to get the leaves off your lawn to promote new growth and to clear out beds to make way for all the spring perennials. The leaf rake will be an essential tool to help get rid of leaves and debris. This rake is also helpful for spreading mulch in your planting beds and making sure you get that smooth, finished look.

Fiskars Garden Tool Essentials 05

The Amplify®Serrated Hardware Shears will earn their keep in your tool shed, basement or garage. When you plant a new tree you need to tie them off so they grow straight, in the fall you should wrap your perennials or evergreens in burlap to prevent wind burn and all along the way these shears will be making those tough cuts for you. The amplify serrated hardware shears are great for cutting burlap, leather, and even rope. They even come in a protective case so you know they will be sharp and clean for your next use.