Backyard Oasis: Lawn Mowing Tips

by Chris Lambton

Reel mowers are a great option for maintaining your yard. These tips will help you keep a greener, healthier lawn all season long.

Fresh up your Lawn
Fiskars Mow Backyard Oasis 02

1. When using your StaySharp™ Max Reel mower, you will want to adjust the height of the mower handle so that it is comfortable for you. Simply remove the cotter pins and move the bracket into the position that feels the most most natural. There are four different positions, and the handle will float up and down with you as you maneuver around your lawn.

Fiskars Mow Backyard Oasis 03

2. Mow a test patch of grass to determine what you want your cut height to be.

Fiskars Mow Backyard Oasis 04

3. Adjust your blade to the proper height for your grass condition. If your grass has gotten a little long, you may need to cut it higher first. This mower has one touch height adjustment that can go from 1-4", which is perfect for any lawn type. This is important as the ideal height of your lawn will change with the season. You should mow it shorter in the spring and fall and keep it longer in the summer so it won't dry out as quickly.

Fiskars Mow Backyard Oasis 05

4. Mow your yard even up to the edges of your landscaping. The wheels are inset so that you can get close to fences, pavers or other landscape elements.

Another one of my favorite benefits from using this mower is the exercise. You get a nice walk in while making your yard look beautiful, and you won't have to work too hard because even in the toughest grasses, it is 60% easier than other reel mowers. The inertia reel drive gives you twice the cutting power, so it will glide through tough spots that other mowers would get bogged down in.

Now you are ready to enjoy your beautiful lawn.