How To Plant A Tree

by Marty Ross

Planting a tree can seem overwhelming at first, but the truth is there are simple steps you can take to almost guarantee success. Read on to learn how to plant a tree the right way at the right time.

How To Plant A Tree

Step 1: Do your research. The best times to plant a tree are spring and fall. To find the right type of tree for your region, talk to your local garden center. Be sure to explain where the tree will be living in your yard (i.e. shadier versus sunnier spots, next to a body of water, near other landscaping) to help ensure you pick a variety that will thrive.

Step 2: Prepare for planting. To begin, locate the tree's root flare and remove any dirt covering it using the Fiskars® Big Grip Cultivator. Next, dig a hole using the Fiskars® Long-handle Steel Digging Shovel where your tree will live that is two times as large as the base of the tree's root system, and just as deep as the pot or bag your tree comes in.

Step 3: Plant the tree. Position the tree in the ground and break up the root ball to allow for fuller root growth. Keep the root flare at soil level and fill in the hole with the same dirt you dug up until it reaches ground level.

Step 4: Add mulch. Ring the planting area and cover with mulch to prevent weed growth and to keep the soil moist. Water daily for the first few weeks and remove the nursery stake once the tree is secure.