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How To Prune Tomatoes

by Marty Ross

Pruning tomatoes properly can help them produce more fruit and extend their growing season. Take care of these plants with routine maintenance and you'll have seasonal fruit all summer long!

How To Prune Tomatoes

Step 1: Clean up the plant. Start by using the Fiskars® PowerGear2® Pruner to remove any broken stems from your tomato plant, and make room for air to flow through the branches by getting rid of any thick or tangles sections in the middle of the plant.

Next, prune small branches and leaves from the bottom 12 to 18 inches of the plant. This helps to direct the plant to grow upright, giving you a taller and fuller plant. Be sure to always prune at a 45 degree angle for a clean cut, as breaking the stems or leaves off of the plant and leaving unprotected stems can endanger the plant.

Step 2: Snip off the suckers. As you're cleaning up your tomato plant, snip off the plant suckers using the Fiskars Softgrip® MicroTip® Pruning Snip and place in water to allow for new root growth. Once the roots have reached 1 inch in length, transfer the sucker into soil to sprout a new tomato plant!