Using Branches to Build a Coat Hanger for Guests

by Chris Lambton

Not having enough storage space is a common issue in homes, but this DIY coat hanger will give you rustic décor and extra storage space right inside your front door.

Using Branches to Build a Coat Hanger for Guests

1. Start by determining the coat rack size that will fit your space. I chose to make my coat hanger 3 feet long by 14 inches tall. Cut 2x4's to those sizes to create a rectangular frame.

Fiskars Tree Branch Coat Rack 02

2. Now it is time to find branches to fit within the frame. When looking for branches, cut them longer than you will need and then trim to fit later. Find a branch that has a nice limb coming off that could support the weight of a coat. When you have found a branch that is the perfect size and shape, cut it using the PowerGear2™Lopper (32"). These have patented gear technology that will multiply leverage, giving you 3X the power on every cut.

Fiskars Tree Branch Coat Rack 03

3. After you have cut 4-5 branches, it's time to trim them to fit in the framework of your coat hanger. Cut the branch again with your loppers to fit snugly in the frame. The hardened metal blades stay sharp and the low-friction coating gives you a clean cut, which is perfect for this project.

Fiskars Tree Branch Coat Rack 04

4. Dry fit your branches in the frame to make sure they fit and fill the space. Use a PowerGear2™ Pruner to trim any unnecessary small branches and give you a polished look.

Fiskars Tree Branch Coat Rack 05

5. All the pieces are ready to be put together. With the IsoCore™ 22 oz. Framing Hammer and some 3 inch framing nails, start nailing together the 2x4's.

Fiskars Tree Branch Coat Rack 06

6. Once the frame is built, measure out the spacing for the branches. Put them in place and and secure with a nail from the top and bottom. The framing hammer makes this job easy with its nail-starter groove. This allows you to start a nail while still keeping a hand free to hold the branches in place. The IsoCore™Shock Control System absorbs the strike force and vibration, which means less punishment to your body.

Fiskars Tree Branch Coat Rack 07

You now have a custom, rustic coat hanger where guests can keep their coats during those chilly winter months.