Capture the Rain with a Fiskars Rain Barrel

by Russell van Kraayenburg

The Fiskars rain barrel water harvesting system helps you save money while helping the environment.

Fiskars Rain Barrel

Installing a Salsa Rain Barrel System with DiverterPro™ is a quick and easy way to collect rain water, save money and help make a positive impact on the environment. Drought or not, saving rainwater is always a smart move.

The rain barrel systems come with a diverter that fits both standard downspout sizes, making installation a breeze. The instructions below are a quick overview to help you get on your way to collecting that valuable rain water.

Installation guide for the DiverterPro

Installation guide for the basic diverter

Fiskars Installing Rain Barrel 02

1. Start by ensuring your Rain Barrel is on a level surface.

Fiskars Installing Rain Barrel 03

2. Measure and mark the downspout. It is important that the diverter hose is level to ensure proper filling of the rain barrel. If the hose is angled upward from the diverter to the rain barrel, water will not travel into the rain barrel. If the hose if angled downward toward the rain barrel, you increase the risk of your rain barrel overflowing.

Fiskars Installing Rain Barrel 04

3. Next, cut the downspout and install the diverter.Determining where and how much to cut is detailed in the rain barrel installation guide that came with your Salsa Rain Barrel. The diverter is the key to this system, as it funnels the rain water from your downspout into the barrel. When the barrel is full, the diverter will divert the water back down your downspout, away from your house and foundation. This eliminates the need to monitor your barrel and reduces the risk of your rain barrel overflowing.

Fiskars Installing Rain Barrel 05

4. After installing the DiverterPro onto your downspout, connect the hose to the side of the diverter. You will need to drill a hole onto the side of the barrel to install the connector. After that is drilled, you will connect your hose to that connector. Make sure your hose is level.

Fiskars Installing Rain Barrel 06