Upcycled Friendship Bracelets

by Smitha Katti

Friendship bracelets are a popular and simple project for kids of all ages. With a little inspiration to get you started, plus a scissors from our Kids and School collection, you will soon have a new bracelet collection!

T-shirt Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets come in many designs and are loved by kids of all ages. You can customize them to any color you like, and the simple project is sure to jumpstart creativity in any child. A cool spin on the typical embroidery bracelet is to upcycle a t-shirt and make a bracelet out of strips. This is a great idea for kids of all ages who want to support their school and accessorize with their school colors.

Upcycled T-Shirt Bracelets

1. Using the Graduate Scissors, cut 1-inch wide strips from old T-shirts Cut strips form shirts of different colors to add some variety to your bracelet. The larger handles of these 8" scissors fit more comfortably in a teen's hand, and the stainless-steel blades are sharp enough to cut a variety of materials.

Fiskars Upcycled Friendship Bracelets 02

2. Pull/stretch the fabric out a little bit to make the edges of the fabric curl slightly

3. At one end, tie all the strips together into a knot. This will keep the 3 pieces of fabric together while braiding.

4. Braid the strips to the desired length by crossing one strip over another until you reach the desired length. Be sure to leave enough room at the end to tie another knot.

Fiskars Upcycled Friendship Bracelets 03

5. Undo the knot from the beginning, and tie the ends together to make one knot.

Bracelets for Smaller Kids

1. Using the Kids Scissors, cut two strands each of three different colored yarns. These scissors are sized perfectly for little hands, but they are still sharp enough to cut a variety of materials that kids would use.

Fiskars Upcycled Friendship Bracelets 04

2. Tape the yarn to a work surface, and help your child tie knots using one color at a time. Start with the two strings on the far left, and tie knots around each pair of strings to the right until you have completed a row.

Fiskars Upcycled Friendship Bracelets 05

3. Continue with this pattern until you have reached the desired length for your wrist.

Fiskars Upcycled Friendship Bracelets 06

4. Tie a knot at the end to close the design, and then tie both ends together to fit your child's wrist.

Fiskars Upcycled Friendship Bracelets 07

The designs are endless with friendship bracelets. You can add charms or beads in the middle of the design, or use the bracelet in place of ribbon to tie a tag to a gift bag. It won't take long before your child has a bracelet to wear, and bracelets to share with their friends!

To find the perfect scissors for your child, visit our Kids Scissors Selection Guide.