Sew Your Own Log Seating Cushions

by Jen Causey of Something Turquoise

Make your log stump stools super comfy by creating your own custom cushions. This is a fairly fast project to complete and the Fiskars® Fabric Circle Cutter makes it even easier! In under an hour you'll have the most comfortable stumps on the block.

Sew Your Own Log Seating Cushions

Cushion Sizing Information:

Using the Fiskars® Fabric Circle Cutter, you can create a circle cushion of any size from 2" (which would be pretty small!) up to 12". We created 12", 11", and 10" cushions for these wood stump stools which we found we're best for the kids coming to our backyard bash. Additionally, you can make your cushions any thickness you'd like. Here, we did a mix of 3" and 4". The great thing about this pattern is that the size is entirely up to you and the stump you're working with.

Step 1: Create a fabric template. Start by using the Fiskars® Fabric Circle Cutter to create a circle pattern template sized to your preference for the foam round that will go inside your cushion. For my first cushion, I selected an 11" size.

Fiskars Sew Your Own Log Seating Cushions 02

Step 2: Cut out your cushion round. Using a marker, trace around the circle template onto the cushion foam, outlining the cushion diameter. Then, using the Fiskars® RazorEdge Fabric Shears, cut out the foam circle and set aside.

Fiskars Sew Your Own Log Seating Cushions 03

Step 3: Cut the fabric for the cushion side. Next, cut the material for the side of your cushion. You'll find the length by multiplying the circle diameter by Pi (3.14) and adding about 2" for good measure. For the 11" cushion with a 3" tall cushion round I cut 3" x 37" for the fabric to cover the side. The Fiskars® Classic Stick Rotary Cutter 28mm on top of the Fiskars® Cutting Mat is the perfect pair for this step.

Fiskars Sew Your Own Log Seating Cushions 04

Step 4: Cut your fabric to size. Next, using the same fabric cutting tool on the same size setting that you used to cut the fabric template, cut three circles for the top and bottom of the cushion. Fold the fabric, align with the cutting tool and slide the handheld rotary blade around the tray. Again, for this cushion I used the 11" mark which adds a 1/4" seam allowance for you.

Fiskars Sew Your Own Log Seating Cushions 05

Step 5: Create the back of the cushion case. Next, using the Fiskars® Acrylic Centering Ruler and the same rotary cutter, carefully slice off 4" from two of the circles. These are going to become the underside of your cushion, which overlap like a pillowcase. Then, fold and iron a simple seam along the new straight edge.

Fiskars Sew Your Own Log Seating Cushions 06

Step 6: Sew the fabric flaps to create a cushion pocket. Using a 1/2" seam allowance, sew the ironed folds in place and trim any excess threads using the Fiskars® Ultrasharp Thread Snips. Then, place the folds on top of the whole circle, overlapping each other slightly, and line them up perfectly to fit. Pin them together and sew a little stay stitch on the edges to hold the two half-circles of fabric in place. This overlapping trick will allow you to easily remove the cushion foam and wash the fabric when needed! Set aside.

Fiskars Sew Your Own Log Seating Cushions 07

Step 7: Sew the piping. On the whole circle piece, which will be the top of your cushion, carefully pin the piping towards the inside of the circle, allowing the ends to overlap and fall outside of the circle. Stitch to the circle using a 1/4" seam allowance. Cut the excess piping away once finished.

Fiskars Sew Your Own Log Seating Cushions 08

Step 8: Sew the side fabric. Carefully pin the long side piece of fabric on top of the piping. Start with a fold and let the end overlap, leaving it free until it's time to sew. Sew using a 3/8" or larger seam allowance, getting as close as possible to the piping underneath. Let the end overlap the fold once you reach it and trim the excess away. Then, sew a finishing seam on the right side of the fabric. Note that this step works best if you can use a zipper presser foot to get up close to the piping.

Fiskars Sew Your Own Log Seating Cushions 09

Step 9: Sew the cushion bottom. The last sewing step is to sew the flapped, bottom circle to the side fabric. Do this by first aligning the fold of the side seam and the pillowcase flap seam. Press them up to each other and sew from there. This step was awkward to pin, so I found it easier to just go slow and align the seam as I sewed.

Fiskars Sew Your Own Log Seating Cushions 10

Step 10: Insert the foam to create the cushion. Now all you have to do is fold the cushion right side out and insert the foam circle! Fluff and move it around until it's smooth, and repeat these steps for as many cushions as you need.

Fiskars Sew Your Own Log Seating Cushions 11
Fiskars Sew Your Own Log Seating Cushions 12