Fiskars - Project Orange Thumb

Project Orange Thumb

Fiskars is proud to support programs that celebrate innovation, education and biodiversity. Our program aims to make an impact by supporting organizations across North America. Since the program’s inception in 2002, Project Orange Thumb® has granted over $2 million to more than 400 schools and community groups.

Fiskars - Farmer Nick

Partnering with Farmer Nick to Project Orange Thumb

Since 2021, Fiskars has partnered with sustainability advocate and plant enthusiast Nick Cutsumpas, better known as “Farmer Nick” on Instagram. Together, Nick and Fiskars will be working with four community gardens across the country to help allow each garden to continue their amazing work with addressing food insecurity in local communities.

Nick has seen the incredible impact community gardens can have at the local level, and the support from Fiskars’ Project Orange Thumb will allow these community gardens to expand their operations, grow more food and feed more people. Check back on a regular basis to get updates about our four amazing community gardens.

Fiskars - Planting

Fiskars is proud to have Nick as a partner on this initiative. His mission is to give people the knowledge and confidence they need to create their own green spaces in the pursuit of regenerative environmental action while supporting sustainability and a healthier, more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Follow Nick’s Instagram feed (@FarmerNick) to watch him get his hands dirty and work in each garden throughout the year!

Cultivating outdoor spaces

As we continue to explore sustainable ways to grow communities, we remain focused on developing innovative, durable tools that help people nurture their own green thumbs.

From pruning shears and loppers that maximize efficiency, to weeders and reel mowers that offer greener ways to maintain your yard, every tool in our portfolio is designed to make yard care easy and enjoyable.