Project Orange Thumb

Project Orange Thumb

Fiskars is proud to support programs that celebrate innovation, education and biodiversity. Our grants aim to make a real impact by supporting schools and community gardening initiatives across North America. Since 2002, Project Orange Thumb® has granted over $1.8 million to more than 390 schools and community groups.

Growing communities

The Project Orange Thumb® Garden Grant Program provides tools and resources to help communities reach their goals for collaboration, neighborhood beautification, and healthy, sustainable food sources. We’ll choose 25 community groups to receive $1000 plus tools for your community garden.
WHO CAN APPLY: Non-profit organizations in North America
APPLICATION DATES: March 16 – April 6, 2020 at 11:59 am CDT

Cultivating outdoor spaces

As we continue to explore sustainable ways to grow communities, we remain focused on developing innovative, durable tools that help people nurture their own green thumbs.

From pruning shears and loppers that maximize efficiency, to weeders and reel mowers that offer greener ways to maintain your yard, every tool in our portfolio is designed to make yard care easy and enjoyable.

Expanding horizons

The Project Orange Thumb® Teacher Grant Program is intended to recognize teachers who share a passion for fostering creativity through hands-on learning. The goal of these grants is to help set students up for success by supplying teachers with the tools they need to provide a positive learning environment. We’ll choose 25 teachers to receive $500 plus tools for your classroom.


Project Orange Thumb® Teacher Grants are open to preschool through 6th grade teachers in spring. Grant recipients are typically announced in late-spring.

Helping kids soar

At Fiskars, we’re committed to developing just the right tools to help kids explore, learn, inspire and grow. That’s why our teacher-recommended kids’ scissors and pre-school scissors are designed with safety, comfort and other unique features to help make learning easier and fun.

2019 Teacher Grant Recipients

Congratulations to our 2019 Project Orange Thumb® Teacher Grant recipients!

Rebecca Allen, Tye River Elementary School, VA
Drew Bartel, Welborn Elementary School, KS
Jessica Beacom, Highland Elementary, OH
Marci Brubaker, Ashton Elementary, ID
Emily Clark, Pleasant Hill Elementary, MS
ShaDonna Davis, Chase City Elementary, VA
Donna Dawes, Valley Gardens Middle School, MB, Canada
Stephanie Dean, Menallen Elementary, PA
Tabitha Decker, Ruth Upson, FL
Anne-Nathalie Desrosiers, Gamache, QC, Canada
Carolyn Endsley, Dunaire Elementary, GA
Michelle Gilstrap, Chastain Road Elementary, SC
Robin Goble, Cub Run Elementary, VA
Marcie Goldsmith-Bensman, Leonard Elementary, MI
Rachel Greis, Cutter Morning Star Elementary, AR
Rachel Grote, North Shore Elementary, FL
Tracey Hall, Benigus Elementary, TX
Jennifer Hutson, Golfview Elementary, FL
Chad Kauffman, Canyon Springs STEM Academy, AZ
Kendra Keller, Southwest Warren Primary, IA
Julie Klauer, Adams Elementary, San TX
Brittany Kosch, Edwin Anderson Elementary, NC
Danielle Kovach, Tulsa Trail Elementary, NJ
Jennifer Kussard, Forest City Elementary, FL
Michelle Lass, Hinesburg Community School, VT
Jennifer Lewallen, Meadowmere Elementary, MO
Celia Malcolm, Belcher Elementary, FL
Sara Marquez, Thunderbird Elementary, TX
Terry Mason, Falls Elementary School, MN
Alex Morozov, Van Buren Elementary, IA
Leigha Nunnally, Freedom Prep Academy, UT
Randi Ortega, Wilson Elementary, CA
Amanda Pitts, Wendell Magnet Elementary, NC
Willette Porter, Eva Gordon Lower Elementary, MS
Kristen Rabideau, Chancellor Elementary, TX
Marco Revuelta, Tavola Elementary, TX
Laura Rochon, Vero Beach Elementary, FL
Mark Rupke, Laurie Lawson outdoor Education Centre, ON, Canada
Zachary Sallade, Hometown Elementary, WV
Sarah Seybolt, Whitehall Elementary, NY
Caitlin Shilts, Panther Academy, KY
Sheila Stover, Hickory Grove Christian, NC
Ashley Sullivan, Cunningham Elementary, CA
Ann Suttie, Melrose Mindoro Elementary, WI
Kelly Theel, Oaklawn Elementary, WI
Mary Tijerina, Menchaca Elementary, TX
Christina Tilley, Saturn Elementary, FL
Stephanie White, Peaks Mill Elementary, KY
Sheiniqua White, Easterling Primary, SC
Christina Zuazo, Elbert Edwards Elementary, NV



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