How to Choose the Correct Hammer

by Chris Lambton

What is a tool belt without a reliable hammer? Whether you are framing a house, hanging pictures or working on a weekend project, there is a specific hammer for each job.

How to Choose the Correct Hammer

The IsoCore™ hammers help make home improvement projects simpler than ever before. Each hammer features the patented IsoCore™ technology, which absorbs strike shock and vibration. These hammers transfer 4x less shock than wood handles, helping to reduce fatigue while working on DIY projects.

How to Choose the Correct Hammer - 2

If your project requires a powerful hammer, then the 22 oz. framing hammer is ideal. It's perfect for driving in nails on big jobs. The magnetic nail starter allows you to drive nails with only one hand and the handle will fit securely, making repeated use more comfortable.

How to Choose the Correct Hammer - 3

The IsoCore™ 20 oz. general use hammer comes in two different sizes, 13.5" and 15.5". These hammers have the same patented IsoCore™ technology to absorb strike shock and vibration like the framing hammer, but the smooth face on these hammers won't leave a mark while finishing wood projects. The hammer also has a sound-dampening insert that helps reduce high frequency ringing.

How to Choose the Correct Hammer - 4

The 16 oz. finishing hammers are available in two different sizes, a 13.5" and a 15.5".  These hammers are perfect for smaller projects around the house, like hanging pictures. They have all the features and benefits of the other IsoCore™ hammers, but are ideal for driving in smaller nails without damaging the surrounding area.

The IsoCore™ technology in each hammer makes home improvement projects easier and faster.